Do you want to ride horses with other adults and start healthy habits such as working out, stretching, and eating better? Come join our ladies group!

Greenridge's ladies group is a group that meets every Wednesday morning around 9:30. The morning starts with going and getting your assigned horse ready, then we go through some stretches. After that there is a 45 minute group lesson, which can be over anything ranging from dressage to jumping, and ground work to trail rides.  

After the horses are taken care of and put back out, we will have a short life class and/or group work out, so make sure to bring your yoga mats and free weights! Finally, everyone is invited to go out to lunch, where some of the topics will include eating and living healthy.

Below is a summary of the day:

Get your horse ready, stretch, group riding lesson and/or trail ride, take care of your horse, group workout and finally lunch. Riders of all levels are welcome! If we get enough people we will start another group and maybe another morning. If you have a group of at least 4 people that you would like to bring, we can arrange for a new group to start. Even if the weather is bad, we can still meet up and work out either at the barn or over at the owners house.

For more information or if you would like to join us for our next class, please contact Beth or Bonnie.


The cost for this program includes all of the activities listed above, except for lunch.

1 Session: $45
4 Sessions: $160
8 Sessions: $310

You may ask about lesson packages for this group for a discounted price.

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