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Beth Ellenburg - Barn Owner / Advanced Dressage Trainer

Beth Ellenburg is a professional horse trainer and instructor who brings a unique perspective to the horse world. Gathering together awareness from a variety of equine disciplines, Beth has an enthusiasm for discovering and developing what it takes for both sides of a human/horse partnership to work as a single team and achieve their goals.

 Beth has ridden and shown horses since she was a small child.  From this point on, her life took an equine journey of dressage, eventing, and fox hunting.  Beth committed to the world of classical dressage with many renowned trainers, including Kim Walnes, Leslie Olsen, and Kris Erbskorn.  She has maintained active memberships with USDF, USEF, and AHA, where she shows as a professional.  She continues to compete professionally in dressage on her Polish Arabian, BHA Fire Dancer, and has recently started her Fresian/Arabian, Konstantine, in the show ring.

 Following her passion for horses and psychology, Beth became a certified health coach, a certified equine manager from UGA, and obtained a degree in  Human Services and Psychology which allows her to combine her interests in a healthy mind, body, and soul for people while using the horse as a teaching tool.

 All of Beth’s experiences through the years and various equine disciplines come together now in a synergistic whole, giving her a broad platform from which to teach.  Beth continues to teach and train centered riding and dressage to help people achieve their riding goals

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Bonnie Dentice - Barn Manager

Bonnie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Kennesaw State University.  Bonnie is currently responsible for managing all matters related to boarding, the barn work schedule,  horse feeding/dietary supplements, and is also in charge of billing and bookkeeping.  Bonnie is the primary contact for potential new boarders and students who would like to tour the barn or receive more information.

Bonnie and her daughter have been riding at Greenridge since 2013; they currently own three horses, DeeDee, Gemini, and Tez.  Bonnie joined the Greenridge staff in 2015.

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Teresa Wolf - Retreat Director

Teresa has been successful in coaching business’s to develop a plan which will provide them with more profits and lower expenses, all while developing an unstoppable team.  She is proficient at speaking engagements, teaching, leading group discussions, mentoring, training, facilitating mastermind groups and more.  Her previous experience in the medical field as a registered nurse and paramedic only add to her skills.  

Teresa's training as a Retreat Coach included a comprehensive learning experience with both distance learning and attending a hands-on  training in Colorado. This led to her inspired development of a very special brand of retreat offerings.  Teresa has blended her love for horses with her retreat skills to create the Business, Family, and Life Coaching on Horseback programs at Greenridge Equestrian.

As a professional woman with a strong background in business, Teresa created her own coaching program using the tools and training she received to offer powerful retreats that inspires her many clients.

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Lindsey Stucker - Trainer/Lead Jumping Program Instructor

Lindsey teaches all levels of students, from beginners to advanced riders. She is an Intermediate level event competitor. She has been riding for 17 years, and has trained under many well known riders such as Becky Holder, Kristine Schmolze, and many more. She has competed in jumpers, dressage and 3-day eventing. Lindsey competed at the Southeast medal finals in 2015 and finished second. She also competed in the Ocala jockey Club last year at the one-star level.  

She has trained many horses to compete in 3-day eventing.  She currently owns an off the track thoroughbred named Excalibur. She has been riding and training him since he was 4 years old and they have been working up the levels of eventing together. 

Lindsey joined the instructor team at Greenridge Equestrian in 2016.

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Erin Songster - Trainer

Erin has been riding for 13 years and has owned two amazing horses, both of which have taught her a unique approach to teaching with understanding and gentleness.  

Her riding background is English equitation, dressage, and low level jumping. She is also a firm believer in developing ground work skills as well as riding skills. 

Erin's goal is to give her students a safe and fun introduction to horses, laying the foundation to become confident and successful equestrians. She teaches them not just how to ride, but how to be around horses with kindness as well as competence and confidence.