GAHA Open Fall Sport Horse Show September 17th

10 riders represented Greenridge Equestrian Center at the 2017 GAHA Open Fall Sport Horse Show at Foxberry Farm.  It was a very full day that resulted in many ribbons and prizes for our riders!  Congratulations on a successful competition, Aline Davis, Tabitha Dentice, Griffin Deyo, Beth Ellenberg, Kaitlyn Ives, Kathryn Leak, Madison McElrath, Halle Rentz, Lauren Rousell, and Sadiyah Williams! You can see a wonderful article posted on Facebook by WARhorses - Women of Age Riding Horses, about Griffin Deyo's jumper round on her horse, Music!  


Winter Clinics

Next month we have our annual NATRC Clinic on February 4th, make sure you register if you have not done so already!

Friday February 24th there will be a cross-country and dressage clinic with Lindsay Stucker and Beth for those interested. Look out for more information soon.

We will also have an eventing clinic coming up sometime in the next few months with Jenny Caras, a 21 year old rider who is a 3 star competitor and has competed overseas. She has been named to train in the Under 25 Developing Rider list for the United States for multiple years, which is a program for potential riders to ride on a future team for the U.S. Look out for a date to be announced for the clinic!