Greenridge's student leasing program is for current students who wish to further their riding by practicing what they have learned in lessons and getting to put more hours in the saddle. The best way to improve quickly is to put in the hours, which means to ride as much as possible. To help our students achieve their riding goals, we have started this leasing program.

How It Works

Students can schedule to ride the horse they are leasing a certain number of days per week depending on what they sign up for. They may ride for up to an hour on each day, which must be scheduled in advance with either Sarah or Beth.

The horse they lease will still be used for lessons, so scheduling will have to be done around that and there may be a few days and times throughout the week that the owner wants the horse also.They must schedule when Sarah or Beth can be there to supervise and so they will be there in case they need help with anything. They will only be allowed to practice what they already know and have been doing in their lessons. Depending on their riding level, they may only be allowed to ride in the sand arena or in the pasture where we can see them from the barn. With permission and possibly with the company of Sarah or Beth, they can ride in the dressage arena and on the trails on property.

They will also have first choice of using the horse they lease in the shows they attend.


Leases are on a month to month basis, with payment due at the beginning of the month for the month ahead. The owner may decide to not offer their horse up for lease but they will have to give at least a week notice before the end of the month, and the student leasing the horse may decide to not lease the horse for the next month but should also give a week notice before the end of the month of the decision.

Students leasing a horse are required to take weekly riding lessons, preferably on the horse they are leasing but may occasionally be on another horse.

Types of Leases

We offer partial leases and half-partial leases.

A partial lease is the availability to schedule an extra 3 days a week besides your lesson to ride for thirty minutes. Some days with special permission you may be able to ride for an hour based on availability. You can spend extra time brushing your horse and bathing, etc.

Partial Lease Cost: $225 per month

A half-partial lease is the availability to schedule to ride 1 extra day a week for one hour of riding time. The same restrictions and information above apply.

Half-Partial Lease Cost: $125 per month

Both leases will include a $25 fee per day when the horse is taken to a show by the student.




Below are the horses available for this program. If you are interested in any of them, please contact Sarah or Beth.



Romeo is a great horse for all levels. He is very pushy on the ground though and can be forward under saddle sometimes, so he is not for complete beginners. He is confident over jumps and loves going cross-country. Romeo is a favorite among many of our students and has lots of show experience. He would be a great horse for someone looking to advance in their jumping and to get into showing.